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a super fly guy, who commonly is very popular and fun to hang around with. He's not to bad on the eyes and loves, loves, loves attention. the ladies are attracted to him but he isnt a man whore. :)
meredith: wow look at De'Quan work the stage!
keely: when doesnt he!
by merbear b <3 March 30, 2011
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A darkskin handsome Jamaican guy that has big lips. Has a deep voice.His skinny but strongy, not short but not tall. He loves alot , not a hoe though. Hates getting gassed up. Likes a girl easily. Dresses nice , not high maintenance. Hates many things but loves many things also .
Girl: Who's that ?
Boy: thats dequan
Girl: damn he got big lips
Girl #2: Woord , he should be my Bestfriend , or my husband <3
by aoow ;) May 29, 2011
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