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Boring, little town. Lots of drama. Train tracks. Wild cats. Crack town. Piece of shit. Police EVERYWHERE. Drugs. Bitches.
I went to this crappy town called (De Soto)
Fuck theres a lot of trains in (De Soto)
Those (De Soto) Wildcats sure suck.
by likeitintheass1 March 18, 2011
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the biggest little redneck town in wisconsin
desoto has 4 bars on main street
by tuna April 11, 2003
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To have to void one's bowels with such sudden urgency that making it to an established facility is impossible; to stealthily defecate in public when no other option is viable.
Mel was in trouble at the beach and pulled a De Soto.

Oh no! Guys, hold up your beach towels around me so I can poop De Soto right now!
by Scoddy71 June 01, 2014
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