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A general phonetic term with many meanings

1. An extremelly boring person

2. Nothing

3. A general response to a question that you don't know the answer to

1. Bored

2. Having no meaning

3. Average, Regular, Commonplace
-Adverb (Dbuhly)

1. With no meaning

2. In a very unchanging way
-Verb (Dbuhing, Dbuhed, ect...)

1. To do nothing
I can't stand that dbuh next door!
I'm dbuh.
How was your day? Dbuh.
He was walking dbuhly to class.
What were you doing yesterday? I dbuhed/Dbuh.
#nothing #bored #boring person #regular #average #commonplace #meaningless #do nothing
by Dbuh October 06, 2009
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