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Lidell Williams better known by his stage name Dazzie Dee, aka Big Saccs
is a Underground G-funk Rapper.

At 14 Williams met Dr Dre, Sir Jinx and K-Dee. Saccs first EP Turn It Loose was produced by Dr Dre and Sir Jinx. He was one of the original members of The Lench Mob (formed by Ice Cube. Due to artistic differences, Saccs left to record his first solo album Where's My Receipt released on Capitol Records in 1995. Then he re-released it as The Re-Birth on Raging Bull in 1996. It was produced by Battlecat and featured Ice Cube, Coolio, K-Dee and Chill from CMW. It is considered by many as a WestCoast Classic.

Hot Production on: Mausberg "Non-Fiction" Mausberg & Suga Free "The Konnected Project" Suga Free "The New Testament"

Current Projects: Suga Free "Just Add Water" Frontlinerz "Gangstream Music" and New West Movement.


1988: Turn It Loose EP

1995: Where's My Receipt

1996: The Re-Birth

2012: The 7th Letter

some of his best songs , Everybody wants to be a gangsta , Knee Deep , Whats in a name, Sticcy situation , Ain't no bustaz this way
and on my Cide featuring coolio and CMW.

more recent songs , All the time FT K-DEE and Not about that life.
Gerald: yo k-mar you head of this old skool g funk rapper

K-Mar: yeah his name is Dazzie Dee, that's like so 1990s

Gerald : it's better than that 2010s shit we got today

K-Mar: you know he's underground Right probably not rapping no more ?

Gerald : he's better than sell out main stream lil wayne and Drake

K-mar: ah you a old head

Gerald : wouldn't have it no other way.
by Purple Skull November 01, 2013

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