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a totally bitchin' day, often including super-fun activities that may get you buzzed just out of sheer pleasure, such as playing in a creek, swinging, and skipping down the trail playing the ukulele. pina colada smoothies may also be a main ingredient.
the first day of spring break was a TOTAL daygasm.
by Mister Rainey April 02, 2010
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something totally awesome and amazing that happens to make your whole day awesome and amazing, such as hanging out with bitchin' people, winning the lottery, having a pina colada smoothie with your best friends, or walking down a trail while playing the ukelele and singing a song about tacos while random strangers give you the look.
"Having breakfast at IHOP with you guys was a total daygasm."
"Hooray! Three daygasms in a row! This is the best week ever!"
by lifasweknewit April 07, 2010
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An event that happens, usually with someone you like, that turns a bad day good or a good day better. Parallels that of an orgasm, but for your day. Sexual in orientation.
I am having a really crappy day.
Boyfrann sends flowers to my work
.... Causes daygasm.
by Rb's princessP October 05, 2009
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