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getting drunk/high during the hours of 8AM-8PM (the day) before getting shitfaced later that night
me: *checks time* *it's 3PM*

me: yo let's get our day fade on
pal: already with ya on that one *pops bottles*
me: yeeeee
by stephhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh January 24, 2014
When a person wakes up with his bros and decides that 10 am is the perfect time to get faded.
Bro 1: *yawns*
Bro 2: Yo bro
Bro 1: Whats up?
Bro 2: Its a beautiful day wee have left over 30 rack of natty ice, seems perfect for a DAY-FADE!!!!!
Bro 1: Chill

Bro1 and Bro 2: *fist bump*
by ChaseAlford April 06, 2011
The process of getting both drunk and high during the day.
It was a tremendous day-fade.
by longlivethepit May 01, 2011

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