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Dawgly- (adj): a state of refined nobility... having pride in all that is Red & Black and at the same time exhibiting the fine qualities that are representative of the DawgNation. It is Herschel, Dooley, Uga, Erk, Larry, Trippi, Sinkwich, Hartman, Sanford Stadium, the DawgWalk, and all that is Good and Decent in the DawgNation. Dawgliness is next to Cleanliness. Dawgliness transcends mere words such as these. To Be Dawgly Is To Seek Perfection. GATA, Amen. Dawgspeed.
Billy Bob Tucker hasn't missed a Georgia football game in 43 years. That boy sure is Dawgly!
by DeanTateDawg September 19, 2010
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