Sweet, special little girl.
That Davyn is such a sweetie pie!
by theminkey February 03, 2010
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intelligent, funny, handsome, and full of love! Loves to give hugs and kisses!
Davyn is the best
by cddz February 03, 2010
A totally cool guy, who is sweet and lovable. Sometimes he teases a bit too much, but he's just awesome! Also Hagrid thinks he's a wizard!
You're a wizard, Davyn!
by Crimson Assassin June 08, 2015
A person known to many people as a waste. Usually doesnt have a job, and has no intention of finding one. If a Davyn does find a job, he usually is useless. Most of the time is very poor, and bums off of friends.
Me: Hey, look its Davyn!
Person: Oh nevermind him, he's a waste.
Me: A waste of what?
Person: Air
by Rover67 May 27, 2013

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