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Davison - someone who turns a fridge off so it doesn't annoy him whilst trying to sleep and then forgets to turn it back on. This in turn leaves a large pool of smelly water in the on-call room.
Oh no he's done a Davison!
by stownrow April 13, 2013
Davison; Coming from the name of a small English man with man dissabilties including Down syndrome, ogoraphobia and also Rabies.

Davison is a word that can be added on the First name of any Human. It is Symbolic and represents that the person beeing honored with the Davison is Male and Filled with Testostarone...Of course.

Davison Can not be added to a females name, only male; because females are not male and filled with testosterone.....Of course.

Also the Davison can be added to some inaminate objects such as Lamps, Speakers, Ipods and El Tequito Mild Salsa Dip. But this is only aloud on some, not all objects. The Objects need to be Manly and testosterone filled;Much like the El Tequito Mild Salsa dip.......Of course. If it is added to a word not manly it will just sound strange.

For example;
Me "Come here Mr El tequito Davison!" CORRECT
Me " Eww thats fucking gross, Someone please get her a tampon Davison before I throw up in my hands" ...WRONG......Of course
Marcus"Ahhhh Shit, Someone get Dan a tissue Davison; I think I may have Bo-Hipped! his Face abit to hard"
by Candle Frost July 09, 2009
An average-sized city in the middle of michigan's lower penninsula that has signs stating that it is the "City of Flags", but it commonly is mistaken for "City of Fags".
Therefore residents in Davison, MI live in a city of fags.
i.e. Davison = Queer
Boy: I live in Davison.
Girl: Your gay.
by SAAABBBBAB July 12, 2008
A town with a bunch of crack heads and sluts
Davison loves crack heads
by yopee July 10, 2008
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