A condom gets left inside a person then someone else stretches it out and releases it causing a sting when it hits.
Jack- "I'm bored with donkey punching.
Jill- "Well finish up and you can give me a David and Goliath."
Jack- "Yahoo!"
by Detwiler October 21, 2007
Top Definition
After ejaculation and pulling out, a man pulls the condom off his penis and ties the end with the semen still inside. He swings it around his head like a sling shot and hurls it at the girl's face so it explodes all over her.
"Charity, I'm finished."
"Oh, Chris, sling the condom at me 'David and Goliath' style!"
by Kobe KTizzle January 30, 2008
You get a boner and stick it through a girls boobs and get blown by the girl.
I gave your girlfriend a david and goliath last night.
by CRAZYMOFOBEAST August 11, 2009
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