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David is litterally the most badass, awsomest, smartest, cunning, sexiest, charming, deadliest guy on the planet or any known universe. He took down goliath, and he can take down any motha fucker that stands in his way. others strive to be half of what david is, but no one comes close. He created swagger. You can usually spot david by the trail of amasement, awe, envy. but rember you wont be the only one trying to find david, he usually has an army of hot girls trying to find him, and when they do ya'll know what happens. He is the original "most interesting man alive", and will always be. There is nothing this man cant do, but there are many things he wont do. anything gay, or stupid. If you dont belive every bit of this, you are obviously a hater and in denial and your names is probably Aaron, Aidan, Daniel, isaac,or even, but once you get over that you will agree, and be in amasement and envy of david.
austin strives to be like david, but he never comes close.
Girl: I want to have that guys baby.
Girl's boyfriend: what, I'm going to kill him
Girl: no babe he's a david he'll beat your ass.
Girl's boyfriend: oh he's a david vaughan? you can have is baby then!
by Awesome one! May 16, 2011
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