Davey Havok is the lead singer of the best band of all times... AFI. He is an awesome singer, has great hair and it the most beautiful thing you will ever see!
Davey Havok sang beautifully at the concert.
by DFROOGLE August 13, 2006
The lead singer of AFI. He is vegan and straigtedge, and the only other original member, besides Adam Carson. He goes through many hair changes, but right now its kinda warped emo. He has full sleeves and straight edge hands on his arms, he has a heart on his chest and a knife on his stomach, he has two broken hearts behind each ear, and black angel wings on his back. He does not play any instrument, but sings and writes most of the lyrics for AFI. He is hexa shmexy!
Davey Havok is Jesus, is it the hair? I think its the hair, yes it the hair.
by afiaddict November 12, 2006
Davey is the most HOT!! guy in the WHOLE.FUCKING.WORLD!!!!!! AFI rocks this fucking planet!1 He is not gay arent pathetic fuckheads either. im emo and not afraid to admit it! so those dikheads who hate AFI, go and get FUCKED!!!!!
Davey Havok is Fucking Sexy!!!
by Jamie.A.Havok December 01, 2006
the lead singer of the band AFI, and on top of being in a band he is also a clearly awsome person i mean the lyrics he writes are amazing... he has changed alot over the years but mainly his hair has changed the most, his current hairstyle is black of course.. in some kinda emo flipy thing,..he also rocks eyeshadow like no-other guy can.. personally i think this is the best davey's ever looked.
*davey havok walks in the room and everyone stares*

"look at him hes wearing eyeshadow! omg its kinda cool though.."
by XxkissmekillmexX April 30, 2009
Davey is just one more guy: one who can be nice, or mean, or a snob. He is not a god, he is not somehow magically endowed. He is, for all intents and purposes, the leader of AFI, but again, he is just. a. guy. Also sells T-shirts on his website zuboutique and is one half of the duo Blaqk Audio. Again: just. a. guy.
Davey Havok is just another guy.
by Mich665 August 14, 2009
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