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Always looking for a great time, fun and caring. Has wild red hair, that gives Daveen her fiery personality. Daveen attracts all types of people, and is loved by many.
Her humor is infectious, and is dangerous in close contact with chillies and knives.

Daveen is not part of the crowd, unless it's at a festival. She lives her own life, and doesn't stand for nonsense.
Daveen also goes by the name of 'Queen of the Fairies'. When Daveen is at her happiest, she sometimes found running around backgardens in the nude, and if you're lucky, you might just see Daveen swinging underwear triumphantly around her head.
Daveen is brilliant with children, and refers to herself as a 'Communal Parent'.

Daveen is a free spirit, who believes in living life to the max. She is a master in the camp kitchen.
Daveen is a friendly and approachable induvidual, and is obessed with hand cream.
Often spotted near the sea in a multi-coloured patchwork coat.

Daveen is a one in a million kind of gal, don't try and hold her back in life, there's no stopping Daveen.
Look at that Daveen go!

Is that a bra swinging around Daveen's head?
by Rubinda October 28, 2010

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