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Drunk as shit
When your going out on the town or going to a party, when you say your getting drunk as shit, you say your gettins "das"
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend"
"I'm chillin friday night, but saturday night I'm gettin das"
"Sounds good bro"
by B-hoff [for t-seid] January 03, 2009
11 34
Code for "would you hit it." Used when an attractive female passes by and there's little time to inform surrounding friends.
A particularly fine girl walks by.

Eric: "Das?"
Quinn: "Na Das, I'm more into 3rd graders"
by Evan D. August 02, 2007
310 118
Do A Skid!

This is an anagram for the phrase shouted from one knowing fixie skidder to another, when spotted in urban landscapes.

It illustrates to the remainder of the general public that you are a member of the elite London cycling squad LFGSS and makes them all super jealous.
Like OMG right, I saw this guy last night and he DAS'd me, I wouldn't have minded but I had some serious pace and it slowed me down a bit
by fixieskidder March 09, 2011
57 26
a very versatile word, in most cases used to replace "that" "this" "there" "those" "them" "it" "her" "him" or virtually any noun. rising in popularity, "das" will soon uncover its true effectiveness once people are tired of using pointless nouns that place objects in generalized groups. see (Nas) > n: ahs
1) joe: what is das?

2) bob: an adapter plate for a threaded headset.

1) Joe: the fucking traffic!!

2) bob: I know, i think it is das subway car blocking the thruway
by monkeydiapers May 01, 2010
44 34
Dancer Attraction Syndrome

When somebody is average looking, but when you find out they can dance, they suddenly become very attractive. DAS usually affects dancers, where other dancers suddenly look very hot when they you see the way they move.
Pat: So what do you think about that guy?
Lisa: I didn't notice him until he started dancing. Oh my god, major D.A.S.
Pat: lol...
by and0neballa27 August 13, 2011
7 2
Dumb as shit. It's so funny, it's dumb. Hilariously dumb shit.
That fool is das
Too funny das
by MoonandSea January 10, 2014
2 2
Art. A form of the word 'dat' used to refer to multiple objects
Adj. two of anything
Das twins over there are really bugging me; das buttocks doe
by RONSON September 11, 2013
2 3
Drug Assisted Studying. The act of taking a drug meant for individuals with ADD or ADHD in order to help one focus and get their homework done in a fast and efficient fashion.
D.A.S. at 3:00 a.m. iis the college way of life.

Do not go on social networks when D.A.S. has kicked in or you will be on that website for the next 6 hours.
by GinjaNinja108 September 13, 2011
2 3