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V. To exceedingly excell in excellence in anything to the point of discouraging all others from doing it; to destroy the hopes and dreams of all who dare to compete against you in the cruelest way possible
Friend: "How'd you do in that match of MC4?" You: "I Soto'd it"
by RONSON September 11, 2013
Stupid Geordie uber-cunt. Characterised by shite clothes, ratty little pre-pubescent tash and incomprehensible language skills. Calls everyone radgee, drives a Nova GTE, Has the SHITTEST Nokia phone you have ever seen with a cheapo plastic Pink Panther cover on it. Alreet? Way aye man. Cunts.
Hyaaa man yaaar a proper radgee yee like. Ya daft cont.
by Ronson March 16, 2004
Art. A form of the word 'dat' used to refer to multiple objects
Adj. two of anything
Das twins over there are really bugging me; das buttocks doe
by RONSON September 11, 2013
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