The easter bunny's twin brother...Daryl.
Aqua Teen is the shit! (So, is Daryl!!!)
by Master Shake and the Crew November 12, 2007
Top Definition
Daryl is not a boys name, it's the name of man. A manly man. Daryl is a one syllable name and should be pronounced as one. None of this Darrell business that's just another name.

May be abbreviated to Dar. Often mistaken over the phone as Darren.
Daryl's the man
by home5 February 05, 2010
Daryl is an intelligent, dopy, kind, sweet, good looking boy who you can trust, rely and depend on. He's a sweetheart and will be on of your best friends. He's different from other boys, in a good way. He knows how to treat a girl and knows how to cheer her up. He has a funny side and knows how to make someone laugh. Daryl has the best personality and a kind heart. He is cute and all the above. He'll make you Happy <3
He is soo funny, his name must be Daryl :)
by daryl's biffle March 24, 2012
From the movie D.A.R.Y.L. (Daryl)
by Peanut Cracker July 30, 2006
a hot guy with tanned legs with a nice hairstyle. also has a cute smile. makes your heart skip a beat. he is a sporty guy who is also good in his studies. an all-rounded guy.
omg!! that is totally a daryl.
by jus4fun September 06, 2010
An awesome person.
Wow, that was so cool and daryl
by UNiCORNrainbows March 22, 2011
A badass zombie/walker slayer, bow an arrow shooting bad ass red neck
I ain't know ones bitch.-Daryl
by alex4444 April 05, 2015
When one's poop reaches the water of the toilet before leaving the anus.
person 1- "yoo man I just took a Daryl"
person 2- "no way dude I took like 2 already today!"
person 1- "that's fucked up you're a girl"
by holdmybeer March 27, 2014

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