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Frontline lead singer of the best band that possibly ever lived, and lives, GlassJAw.
Daryl Palumbo is the shit, ma!
by KBC May 02, 2005
Lead singer in Glassjaw and his side project Head Automatica(makes you do all kinds of funny things, like dance in your seat.) These bands are simply amazing. Also helped write songs for Finch.
Person 1: I love glassjaw.
Person 45: I love Head Automatica.
Person 532: I love Daryl Palumbo, he is the singer for both those great bands.
Person 764: I agree.
by &eskimo; February 27, 2006
lead singer of glassjaw and head automatica.

daryl fuckin has the most amazing voice ever!

1- daryl palumbo is HOTTT!
2- werdd, yeah and glassjaw is a sickkk band!
by sw333td000d April 06, 2008
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