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A slang term for ones penis or vagina.
"My darst itches so bad", "i told you not to hook up with Indy"
by Graham pernelll January 06, 2009
A type of mob that spawns mostly in computer classes or the electronics departments of local superstores. Spawns have a 2.3558485% chance of being leet as fuck. Has extremely high HP due to massive size but moves very slow.

Has two main attacks:
punch: a lvl 3 move that can be reflected for 4389% damage to the darst by cloth armor; rarely used because of the massive amount of energy needed to lift their fucking fat ass arms.
booger smear: the darst sticks his fat finger up his nose and then smears the retrieved booger all over an object; the object sustains 8904 nature dps and upon death respawns as a mini darst.

+43 to verbal assault
-340 to compwn
-500 to any attack from behind as he is too god damn fat to turn around

Shitty ass black jacket 100%
Pile of shit 100%
Dank ass smell 100%
Random magic: the gathering card 59%
Gameboy advance sp 34%
Psp 2%
Mage: dude lemme go tank that darst
Warrior: k im gonna go jack off then
by Bobby Moses September 21, 2007