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1. That little piece of no-man's land between civilization and Poolesville in Montgomery County, Maryland, where the new Harris Teeter is the most exciting thing in town.

2. The part of MoCo that everyone forgets about. People from Darnestown often claim to be from "north Potomac." Many people in Darnestown are just as wealthy as those in Potomac...but Potomac is easier to explain.
"I live in Montgomery County."
"Moco, eh? What part?"
"Darnestown....north Potomac."
by Mears January 03, 2007
the most ghetto ass town in all of moco slash in the middle of nowhere
person #1: hey wanna chill at the darnestown historical park?
person #2: i'd rather go fuck my homeys. but thank you so much for the offer. maybe you should just go smoke a splif instead.
by fo_shizzle_my_nizzile_ghetto August 21, 2006

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