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someone or something that is all around amazing, shines like the stars in the sky
Joel Madden: Hey, do you like this ring?
Nicole Richie: Yeah, it's so darli!
#dazzling #amazing #sparkling #glittering #stunning
by sweet_lipps February 05, 2010
Darli Is one of the most Sweet generous people.He will say lies so he wont hurt anyone. He will do anything and specially for that on person that he loves. If he says he truly trust you don't take advantage because he does not easily trust some one but he can earn some ones trust easily and wont take advantage or hurt them. He is Amazing trust worthy friend you could trust and count on.Hes Funny nice and amazing talker he will sweeten your ears he always know what to says in any case. He is very handsome when he will grow up you will not even notice who he is he will have a great amount of change when he grows older. He is an amazing friend to be around with he is always positive and in a good mood nothing brings him down. He is very strong emotionally and mentally and physically specially emotionally nothing will get to him unless true love. He will not take any bullshit from anyone if anyone harms some one he loves he will stop at nothing to get revenge. He is very talented in a sport that he loves to play mostly soccer. He never will give up. He is a very sweet amazing friend know how to treat woman. He is very flirty but in a relationship he is very faithful. He know how to treat a woman he is an animal in bed and an Amazing cudle partner. He will support you in any decition that you have but if he sees that the decision is wrong hell try to help you. If you come across him treasure him and dont let him go because they are very rare to find. Love him and hell love you
"omg hes so nice i wish more guys were like darli"
"I wish Darli would talk to me more"
#amazing #lover #rare #communicative #sweet #nice #friendly #funn
by guerito October 16, 2013
Darli is someone who will always make you feel beyond special. He remains strong and above all never looses hope. He will always be there to protect and guide you, almost as if he were your angel. No matter what he always keeps it real with everyone. Everything he says he means it and will go above and beyond to prove it and make sure you believe it. Hes always funny and making you laugh. You will never lose a smile on your face with him. Darli deserves nothing but true happiness from those he loves and cares about because he will always make sure to give you your own. If you find someone like him cherish him and never let him go.
Darli is a true blessing in my life.
#amazing #funny #proud mexican #smart #handsome #real #all mine
by SaNe7113 January 03, 2014
A male/female who is intrigued by the male genitals.
A common name for girls who wear too much make-up.
That girl is a such a skank! she must be a darlis!
#darlis #darlece #darlyse #darlese #whore
by AaroJackson July 18, 2009
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