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Electronic Gothic. Started in the 80's as a breakoff fork-in-the-road to Industrial.
Clan of Xymox and Cruxshadows is Darkwave. Evanescence only wants to be.
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004
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An obscure and melancholic genre, born from new wave and post-punk. Often associated with gothic subculture.
Lycia, Miranda Sex Garden and Sopor Aeternus are darkwave.
by Lyej June 23, 2013
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People that dress gothic industrial (example: bondage pants or straight jacket, make up both male and female, clothes colour like blue or black or white, usually long hair, hand cuffs or bondage props). Hair spikey or like a mop. NOT SATANIC!!!

Prefer music to industrial with a fusion of symphony (gothic): The Cruxshadows, The Birthday Massacre and others.

Dark Wave is not: NIN, Marilyn Manson or Covenant.
Dark Wave people would look like from "silent hill" or another industrial factory/asylum type horror theme.

Attitude: Fun "chuckle" or "lol", weird expressions like "locked and grin" style looks but keep to themselfs and treat others equally.
by Gothika August 27, 2007
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