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1)A reference to the netherworld, or space between consciousness and the world of dreams. 2)Celtic mythological reference to a place where the goblins, gnomes, elves, daemons and faeries exist. 3)Neil Gaiman wrote fictional literature including the word 'darkland' in the titles. 4)NeilDarKLanD a longtime rave DJ in Canada, since 1992, currently a junglist specializing in dnb.(no relation to the books or the record label) 5)A record label, releasing drum and bass or dnb music.
1)"in my darkland, i can fly like a bird..."
2)"in the darkland the creatures of the night come out to frolic in the mist and moonlight" 3)Neil Gaiman, author. 4)"I saw NeilDarKLanD spin 2 sets on new years eve, and he rinsed it out hardcore!" 5)"Darkland records are churning out some hype beats, man!"
by darkneeland January 23, 2009
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