See 'shemale'.
See also 'hermaphrodite'.
you are such a dark-andel you nig
by Shad0w July 29, 2004
A geek Girl with more style than Barbie. Favorite words are "fuck Off" and is a Sexaholic
by Angelique March 20, 2003
Every teens first nickname on the internet. Can be seen under different speling such as :
D@rk 4ngel
_-=DarK=-_ @NGEL

Usually used by any geek that want to look cool and tortured (see emo) but is just in lack of real life interaction.
- did you check Dark Angel profile's ?
- Die emo !
by _Ez_ August 07, 2008
A heavenly creature that is not 100% caucassian, as most angels are said to be. Usually female. See jessica alba.
Honey is such a dark angel; I'd worship the ground she walks on.
by Rolie Platnin July 19, 2005
An amazing internet personality. He is really smart and talented.
All the girls love dark angel.
by mxre March 18, 2005
A really evil dark haired angel that enjoys spreading misery throughout the world. All guys lust after this type of angel.
Guy: Wow there's Sam she's such an evil dark angel! RUN!
by Broco May 05, 2005

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