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1 A person of very dubious knowledge or intent, subject to extreme abuse and prejudice.

2 Someone who, deliberately or otherwise, questions the hierarchy of the community. From Lionhead Bulletin Board slang, meaning 'downright irritating and moronic'
"if you go onto and folllow to BC then it sais the game will com out in the uk in march 2004 and in america they dont know (maby it will come to uk first) and if you go onto and search for it. it is easier to go there through xboxmagonline it sais 4 march 2004 there aswell. this may mean that in the uk it is coming out in early march. no where does it say anything about coming out in america. so wen is it coming out?!!"

Bloody dark newbies"
by Beowolf January 22, 2004
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