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An attractive man who will achieve a lot in there life. They will achieve what they set there mind to. They have awesome bodies and like to be in big social gatherings.
wow hes so darion.
by jioghsuier October 10, 2010
Sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Quiet but once your friends he'll become less shy. A weird person, but in a good way. The best looking nerd out there. He always knows how to make a person feel better. Very smart. Has an odd but funny sense of humor. Greatest guy to get.
Hey who is that over there laughing at the dead person in the movie?" "His name is probably Darion
by The sexy wizard August 02, 2011
a very cute confident young man
likes to play around alot
bt also a heart breaker someone who u think u can trust but dont get to close to trust because he's a lier
darion is sooo cute and fun i can trust him and thats the only boy i talk to
but he goes be hind ma back

well thats a darion 4 ya
by donteventrip August 16, 2008
the most beautiful and smart person in the world and is way prettier the chelsea slut oviette pahahah
aww did you see that model shes such a darion.
by james13xxxx February 17, 2011
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