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An insult amongst friends
Daf Duc, you sound like a morno trying to describe morno to the world!
by sonusman December 16, 2004
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self-deprecating reference, beyond moronic.
I'm such a morno, I can't even spell "moron."
by Daf Duc March 17, 2004
morno is to have sex in the jungle
Emma had morno with Chris on a sunny day.
by Nikk1 August 19, 2008
short for morning.
One fine morno, he got defenestrated.
by uttam maharjan July 26, 2010
A follower of the cracken.
Once the cracken was released, the legions of mornos marched in formation against the voodoo witch doctors.
by rattus norvegicus September 12, 2005
A guy who gets more "no's" than "yes's" from the ladies.
Than sonusman's a total morno with the ladies.
by rattus norvegicus September 12, 2005
When a person is so crazy that he seems like a non human, and ridiculously stupid
mixture of gonzo and moron


When a porno's starting scene is a funeral
also see mournography
Holy shit dude. that guy just bought home brand cheese slices. WHAT A MORNO.
OMG, that guy is using treecko as his starter in ruby. what a funkin morno!


holy shit, id like to see what that chick that guy just picked up at the funerals mother looked like! what a morno!
by owen the leet cunt December 22, 2009

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