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A english boy also known as Kai Ra/Ozzy/Puppet_master, that BELIVES that he is irish (HAHAHAHA) also he is inlove with Emily, also known as Sadako. And he is 13years old
<CIGAR> kai: are you from england?
<Daralith> yes Cigar
<Daralith> im english
<Daralith> and half irish
<Daralith> yay for me
<CIGAR> spsh... yea whatever....
by CIGAR February 11, 2004
A stinky poo
<LT3> time to put in a definition of Daralith
<Daralith> LT3 it better be good
<LT3> kee kee kee
by LT3 February 10, 2004