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Means everything good that the mind is unable to comprehend about life. Can be used for being happy or just to say hey to someone.
Hector: Hey Pike what's up?

Pike: Daraa!
by Necrofeliak September 07, 2010
a small town southside of syria. was barely known before the syrian revolution attempts in the spring of 2011.

generally, the people of daraa are old fashioned barbarians. they treat women like animals, and they treat animals like materials.

people have this impression that daraa people (aka "horanis") have a strong value for freedom since they are the most persistent and courageous in pursuing protests for syria. Unfortunately, this isn't even close to true.

People of daraa have had a long behind-closed-doors hate for the alawites, a minority group that currently governs syria. they have been prejudice to them, and envious of their powerful position.

Basically, they are thirsty to take over syria so they can become dictators that oppress all minority groups, not to mention women, and enforce islamic fundamentalism.
daraa person: i hate bashar al assad, look what he's done to syria! woman are on the streets without covering their heads! This must stop!!!
by iknowsyriansbest June 13, 2011
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