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An upcoming third-person action-adventure game being developed by EA and EA Redwood Shores. Based off Dante Aligheri's "The Divine Comedy".

Looks like a cross between Devil May Cry and Prince of Persia, with a setting similar to Clive Barker's Jericho. The trailer looked rather disturbing, yet remotely awesome.
Dante's Inferno will be badass and disturbing at the same time. If it comes from the makers of Dead Space, it's got to be good.
by Flood_Master February 24, 2009
Placing vapour rub on the exterior of a condom in place of lubricant prior to intercourse
'Haven't seen Janet around lately, do you know where she's been?'

'I don't think we'll see her again. Not since I showed her Dante's Inferno'
by theDoublefish September 23, 2015
Using vapor rub in place of lubricant prior to intercourse so as to create an intense burning sensation in the genital area. A one sided experience if the vapor rub is used on the outside of a condom
'Haven't seen Janet for a while, do you know where she's been?'

'You won't be seeing her any more since I surprised her with Dante's inferno'
by theDoublefish September 28, 2015
Dante's Inferno is arguably the greatest song ever done by the badass Heavy Metal band Iced Earth. This song is 16:26 long and kicked an extremly large amount of ass the whole way through. This song is based off of the famous poem written by Dante Alighieri.
Set "Dante's Inferno is the greatest metal song this side of Hallowed Be Thy Name."
by Set Abominae March 18, 2007

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