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1. the really talented guitarist/lead singer from McFly who sends goosebumps with his oh-so-sexy raspy voice!
Even though Dougie is my favorite, I can't help but love when Danny Jones takes over in Obviously!
by Maggie May_Poynter July 24, 2006
Very, very hot guy. Talented lead guitarist in British band, McFly. His looks won him the Most Fanciable Male '04 in the Smash Hits award - beating the likes of Usher. Danny's deep, Bolton accent is enough to send anyone weak at the knees.
Danny is pure gorgeous?
by kate52 June 07, 2005
the lead singer and guitarist of english pop band mcfly. his full name is daniel alan david jones.
he is obviously the most attractive member and he has my heart. he's to be married to laura later on this year.
"ohh have you seen danny jones lately?"

"you mean the best looking mcfly lad?
why yes, yes i have and i've fallen in love."
by mclaura June 07, 2007
fabulous guitarist for english pop band mcfly.
full name (i think): daniel alan david jones
birthday: march 12 interesting fact: his bday is the same as his girlfriend, sereta baldwin (grr)
i dont have a freaking example!!! i have to say danny jones? fine. danny jones. there.
by bea-wannabe March 12, 2008
Danny Jones is lead guitarist in McFLY and sings also. His favorite words are rat leg, and homodome He's 5'10, brown hair, aqua green eyes and has straight teeth. He liked older music like bruce springsteen and the beatles. He's 21 as of this year and is dating Mercedes.
Danny Jones is way cool. To bad he has an awesome girlfriend.
by Mechanical Maids December 29, 2006
Lead Guitarist/singer of McFLY This 5'10, Brown Haired 20 year old Is dating Mercedes. He likes dogs, and it content on singing "Gomena Jia Jia Apollo Jia jia, Gomenda Jia jia." Also every friday night he does Danny's Disco. :) He actually did stay on a room on the 3rd floor, hence the song name. And he'd like to nip Ferne.
Mercedes is really lucky to have Danny Jones in her life!
by Mechanical Maids December 25, 2006
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