1.the dad from Full House,known for being a total nimrod
2.A total nimrod
Danny Tanner was TV's greatest nimrod.
by esjay December 21, 2004
Top Definition
When having sex doggy style while facing a full length mirror, you tell the girl that you are having sex with that she is making a terrible mistake.

And then when the man finishes he tells the girl that he hopes that she learned her lesson....cue the music.

**The man must be wearing a cardigan while practicing the Danny Tanner**
"Kimmy, you've been a bad neighbor. Time for a Danny Tanner. I hope you learned an important lesson at our house today."
by DDCups July 25, 2009
A full house hand in poker. Comes from the show "Full House", where Danny Tanner is the father, played by Bob Saget.
When I won the pot, I showed my Danny Tanner, and he was glad he folded.
by Hypermagic March 31, 2009
Danny Tanner aka the dad on full house is the
epitome of douche bag and or fag... who always like to clean everything and think every problem is solved by a hug with corny sad music in the background...
Friend1:Dude... your dad is so weird...
Friend2:Yeah man.. he's a total Danny Tanner
by Taylor A. M. August 11, 2008
Feces. The fecal matter deposited after taking a shit.
"Jesus, did someone just shit?"
"Yep! Danny Tanner came to visit me."

"Christ, was Danny Tanner here? Did you check the baby's diaper?"

"Wow, did you just drop off Danny Tanner or something? Go light a match, dude!"
by Jason Thompson April 17, 2007
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