The hot, trim fit, tall, son of a bitch, that Ashley Tisdale had a mad crush on, and made sure she got down his pants. The SEXIEST guy that Ashley was with!He actually belives in treating others with respect, hes such a nice caring gorgeous man.unlike zac efron which is another one of ashley tisdales exs whos a prick to his fans. Everything about Danny is sexy, god damn fine, perfect, extreame, and he's even got the gay dudes wanting him.BUT OMG HE'S SO SEXY!!
"Hey, did you see Scary Movie V lastnight?"

"Yeah, sometimes the only reason I watch that movie is to daydream and have fantasies about Danny Stone. He's such a fucking lady killer."
"Would you bone him?"
"What girl wouldn't?"
Top Definition
Many call him Danny and some call him Dan, whatever floats your boat. This individual is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), that QUICKLY rose to fame back in 2010. The Massage School that Danny was attending too at the time, ironically got lucky enough to receive Ashley Tisdale as his very own client. After Danny was rubbing Tisdale down, she completely lost her marbles afterwards. Assuming that it was okay to give Danny her personal email address, and a simple question of; "what are you doing later?" has left us all to wonder... Furthermore on the very same day, they both got together for lunch, dinner, movies, games, and a good ol' game of Twister underneath the bed sheets.. Danny Stone is NOT a movie star, or anything special in particular. He's just a massage therapist who got lucky to take this charming High School Musical star; Ashley Tisdale out on a special date.
Danny Stone is coming to a massage parlor near you! He's bringing Ashley Tisdale along, so be on your best behavior if you want to receive a happy ending. Because nobody likes a bad ending, right?
by joseph oliver November 06, 2012
one of ashley tisdale's hollywood-free ex boyfriends that actually got famous for no logical exclamation, a wanna be high school musical poser, no personality, dull, sucks at massage therapy, sucks at life, ass eater, hates on everybody, bad tempered, jail bait loves him, talentless, can't keep a relationship, small penis, man whore, and he has nothing going for his life except ashley tisdale jumping up and down on him in the cars, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and even on a theater stage. if by chance you know this idiosyncratic maniac, please stay away. you have been warned.
'who's that amazing blond actress on the high school musical?'

'ashley tisdale, DUH!'

'who's that dude she made famous?'

'danny stone, DUH!'
by IKnowYouWillAgreeWithMe November 11, 2012
A small town cat slicker gettin' it on with Ashley Tisdale. What a fucking chump.
Ashley Tisdale is caught naked with Danny Stone. Need I say more?
by ashleytisdalefan April 19, 2013
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