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The act of smoking marijuana, often considered "dank", in an unusual place, possibly contorting you body to fit there. You have the option of taking a picture or not. Similar to planking
Q. Why is he on the roof standing on one foot balancing those text books on his head
A. He's Danking

Ex. Dude last night we slipped under the benches in front of the police station and Danked two blunts

Ex. Man you gotta try this new danking maneuver , you take a bong t while doing a hand stand.

Ex. My young check this cole sparked a jay in del taco last night, he's on top his danking game.
by Lone smoker August 17, 2011
Danking, is a party term, used to describe drinking and dancing.
Hey Susie, do you wanna go danking tonight?
Hey Billy, danking last night was awesome, you comin tonight?
That was an awesome Dank off last night.
by DaveJoe December 18, 2010
To take a dump while having a wank, typically finishing both tasks at the same time
I had such a good time Danking the other night, there isn't anything like it
by Dank-enthusiast July 28, 2011
the act of smoking dank
"come over at 4:20, we're gonna be danking"

"Sam's waiting on Mason to get a shower THEN we're danking"
by shmizzzz December 26, 2008
The act of making somebody your house and/or yard negroe
Alex just wouldn't learn, I Dan King'd his ass last week and he still bitches about his camaro, go get me some ice cream boyy
by DirrtySanchez October 05, 2008
a combination of drinking(primarily alcohol) and dancing
where are all the girls? o man theyre all danking without us.
by badass111 May 24, 2006
While dancing in the club, you get drunk. So if you are walking across the dance floor while drunk, you might find yourself dancing. This is called danking.
Guuuuurrrrrllll last night i was so drunk, i started to dank on the dance floor. Like, serious Danking.
by Service Error: Code 9267 July 03, 2014
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