Wet, Moist, often referred to a good basketball shot.
Bro 1: "Did you see that shot!?"
Bro 2: "Yeah it was so dank"
by soggymushrooms January 15, 2014
the act of being a bitch or fuck nigga; being annoying.
Bruh you acting dank as fuck.

You dank as fuck.
by Jahlil December 25, 2013
Dirty skank,hoe,nasty thot
Look at that dank over there.
by Looker101 November 21, 2013
A chronic ass Ritz cracker and cheese wiz that's a tripple stacked or better when your faded hoes aint even know
Dude made a dank im faded
by Yo momma ho bag October 08, 2013
A slang term for the male Penis.

The word "Dank" can generally replace words like "Penis" "Dick" or "Willy" in almost all sentences or conversation.

The word Dank is also occasionally used in conversation to negatively describe an individual.
All men have a Dank.

"Wow look at the size of that horses Dank"

"The bloody Cricket ball hit me right on my Dank"

"OMG you're such a Dank mate"
by Earl Squirelson September 22, 2013
A new street slang word meaning "Cannabis". The word came about in around 2012 when a new clothing brand named "Dank Clothing" had an exclusive t-shirt with someone smoking on it; it was believed to be cannabis. So now the youth of 2013 use it as a term for cannabis.
Rah bruv this dank is on point.
by Montanna. August 17, 2013
another word for the male sex organ
That guy has a huge dank
by Acamp January 23, 2012

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