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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
Dark + Damn! + Funk + Crunk + Krunk = Dank, therefore Dank Meme Stash is for diabolical meme storage.
I just joined the "Dank" Meme Stash Jill Stein group because their meme about Hillary was so sick!
by O-Penned-Mind July 15, 2016
1. a word used by hippies to describe something of high quilty

2. really potent weed, produced by proper slow drying of harvested plant material, usually requiring curing (putting plant material in paper bag, folding over top, placing that bag in another bag. Thus reducing air and light contact on said plant materials, so when you go to retrieve some of said plant materials, it is still moist, green and sticky because the resin glands are still intact and 'sweating'.
"that's a dank car"
"I'm smoking some dank weed"
by themlgduck May 13, 2016
A word that meme participants or internet users use to describe something good or of high quality (including a meme).

Synonyms can be: Dope, Sick
"What a dank meme."
"That prank he pulled was so dank."
by dankdudette June 30, 2016
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