Dan is awesome! His taste in music rocks and so does he! He is an extremely charming British gentlemen and dude, can he act!! HE's sweet and perfect in every way, and has a wonderful personality!
Interview with Daniel Radcliffe
Q:Are you shy, like you are with Cho Chang, in real life?

D:I'm quite shy, but I'd like to think that I'm not. I don't have a girlfriend, but I try. Sometimes I find myself not knowing what to say to girls. I don't understand girls yet, but I'm trying to.
by Laika23 April 14, 2006
incredibly hot guy who is the star of the Harry Potter movies.
Daniel Radcliffe won a Relly award from Regis and Kelly.
by Caitlin June 08, 2005
The worlds shortest sex god, and the sexiest chosen one.
'did you guys see Equus?'

'Yeah! daniel radcliffe was naked on stage!'
'well yeah. he has the right. he's dan rad!'
by RadforRadcliffe October 03, 2011
An Actor who played Harry Potter, was in Eqqus and is in the Broadway Musical, How to Succeed in Business Without really trying. He is very talented, good natured, down to earth, and is british. He is also VERY good looking.
Daniel Radcliffe's preformence of Botherhood of Man was Brillant.
by HarryPotterFreak109 January 08, 2012
A talentless actor who, when displaying any type of strong emotion (eg anger) creates a need in the viewer to run away and find a sledge hammer in order to smash the screen and the disk.

One who's employment circumstances on the Harry Potter movies are extremely suspicious.
Daniel Radcliffe: I was with my father who was one of the producer's of the film during the auditions. He was the producer

Me: So... what, does that mean that you only got the job because of your influential parent

DR: What...? No... I... Can you get back to me in a week when I've consulted the script editor on an oh so witty cutting comeback?

Me: uuuhhmmm... ok?
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 26, 2007
Also seeno tallent. A n00b of an actor that doesn't do the brilliant Harry Potter books justice.
Daniel Radcliffe needs to be fired.
by Non Existance May 15, 2005
A funny joke that makes regular appearances on the Harry Potter movies. His pathetic acting will always bring laughter to your lungs.
Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane): You're a wizard Harry.

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) >Insert monotone<: I AM A WHAT?

by Non Existent October 02, 2005
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