His accent is real, to all you choads who think he's fake. Young Harry Potter actor who is making a bg name for himself by adding bizzare roles to his filmography. He's seems rather nice and he's cute. Teenies love him, but most fans make fun of his goofy hair
Daniel Radcliffe would be ograsmic...if his hair was longer
by CrimsionLight October 24, 2006
Top Definition
Yes Daniel Radcliffe is spelled with and e at the end. He's a cool and talented actor who's gettting hotter and hotter and hotter... Can't wait till Nov. 18!!!! Daniel Radcliffe is going to be awesome!!!
Now a guy like Dan, he's trophy! Seriously, Daniel Radcliffe you should not give up!
by Hermy G September 28, 2005
He is a very good actor (for all those Daniel Radcliffe haters) he is also very hot! He doesnt just act as Harry, he is going to be in a movie called December Boys, which is the opposite of the Harry Potter role.This move will help people to see him as capable of playing other roles, so he won't get typecast. He's very good with emotion too.
Hermione: Harry?
Harry (Daniel Radcliffe): He was my parents best friend (tears) and he BETRAYED them!!
by RachelCM July 26, 2006
Handsome boy, great actor, who gets into Harry.
He is the best among the Emma and Rupert.
He got many nomination for his acting avility, he will not be typecast, he is way to handsome not to be in another movie.
Daniel Radcliffe is handsome, gorgeous and very charismatic.
by Karin_2005 April 03, 2006
He isn't so "conventionally" handsome, but he has something (a BIG something) about him that makes girls swoon. His charm, his accent, his humor, his friendliness, his talent, his down-to-Earthness make him what a lot of women crave. He really does have great looks, and he is an amazingly sexy guy, though he is not the typical kind of sexy, which is what I love. He is something different. Though, he still is a sex God. He is quirky and really interesting. Daniel is an immensely talented actor, who is mostly known for his portrayal of Harry Potter. He starred in the play Equus in London and Broadway and was absolutely brilliant in it, proving that he can be versatile in his roles.
If you want to find out more about Daniel Radcliffe, you should watch some of his interviews on YouTube.
by Viva Lumos! August 15, 2009
a new coin of phrase used to describe someone who has been caught naked on stage and/ or has almost flashed someone.
"You better pull up your pants, unless you want to pull a Daniel Radcliffe."
by Annie Pants March 06, 2007
The hott british actor that not only plays Harry Potter but is also in a movie called december boys,he is also in a play called eqqus.Not only is he VERY talented but he is SOOOOOOOO gorgeus,hott and sexxy!!He's sweet and kind.
harry(daniel radcliffe)-that hurt

hermione(emma watson)-sorry
by wateva2 September 05, 2006
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