The in between stage. Where your more than just "Hanging out" and less than officially "Dating"
You and a special friend have been hanging-out on the regular for several weeks. You have met each others' friends and even parents but havent had the "talk" therefor you are more than "hanging-out." You are Danging each other!
by Barb-E February 04, 2010
Top Definition
The act of hard violent sex.
Male: I danged my wife so hard last night.
Other Male: I know I love danging.
by Rubarbos September 03, 2009
Injecting an illicit substance.
Danging meth keeps me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
by lampshades and soap July 31, 2013
The Process of dangling someone along while also banging them
Jeff: "Are you still Danging that girl?"
Steve: "Hellz yeah, that girl is soooo dumb, but as long as she keeps giving it up, I will keep danging her"
by DeanerWeiner October 07, 2010
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