The act of being devilishly catty, while keeping your sexual appeal high to the male poplutation of the world.
Sway was acting Danger Kittenish this evening towards Bazzy and iBat.
by idangerkitten August 16, 2005
Top Definition
An extremely stuck up whore, traped in the horrors of her own ego. Butt-ugly, her mirror must be broken, or else she would have known by now her "flirting" with the users of GameRanger is futile.

If you ever want to become bulemic just look at her picture on PGR after every meal.
"Baron Samedi: danger kitten is yokozuna because she is a fat sumo who likes to try to beat up on aibo burger buddies"
by Drågøn?Girl October 01, 2005
Danger Kitten, a Woman who flirts with numerous men , and has phone-sex with many of them
Danger Kitten called jeff for a good time.
by bbrw September 28, 2005
A stuck up whore who needs to get a new view on the world.
Baron Samedi: Danger Kitten is mad because her boyfriend took her makeup and finger painting supplies
by Antz0r September 28, 2005
Some whore that takes underage naked pictures of herself and then blames everyone else when they eventually are distributed without her consent.
Some Danger Kitten had her pictures posted on ytmnd and now shes complaining to people who really don't care.
by somebodybutnotme May 25, 2006
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