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1. A Vibrant Steed

2. A Noble Warrior

3. A Pirate like no other

4. The Ultimate Love Maker

5. A God Among Men
<John> Hey Frank, Cindy was telling me she thinks you're totally danesh.

<Frank> Score!
by Danesh December 17, 2003
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Awsome beyod remark
Damn he's danesh!
by Payum January 23, 2004
A very very sexy person.He's smart,funny,kind,cute and the best friend a girl could have.he can fix just about anything and literally makes the world more beautiful everywhere he goes.He is just PERFECT.Undeniable sex god from the planet of sexurus
1)I love danesh

2)I wish i was danesh
3)Katrina:wow that guy seems amazing.
Whats his name?
4)danesh is sex,sex is danesh
by Megan stone December 20, 2013

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