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A phrase commonly used to depict a person who appears randomly within pictures or situations; that stares obsessively at a person or persons with longing desire.

The specific stare may consist of the following facial movements:
1)Wide dilated pupils
2)Bulgy Eyes
3)Watery mouth
4)Surprise and horror (for example; the look one may have if found masterbating)
5) Random "O" faces
6) Baring of teeth

When one falls prey to this stare, the victim may feel they have been mentally sodomized. Post-stare there may also be feelings of loneliness and violation.
Dude, that guy sitting at the table behind you is giving that waitress the Daner-Creeper-Stare, It's like a 9.2 on a scale from 0-10
by (D-L)squared April 10, 2011