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To get extremely drunk, extremely quickly.
Jeez.. What happened last night? Oh.. I got daned.
by BrianIsLivid July 04, 2010
When a user on a web forum points out to a new poster that the subject they're posting about was already discussed recently.
John1 posts topic from TMZ. Mary2 comes along posts same topic. Tyler1 posts to Mary2 with link to John1's post saying "you got Daned!"
by MastaP939 July 16, 2009
to bang 3 girls at once, not to be confused with the "double dane", a complicated talent that requires you to bang 4 chicks at once.
"Dude, I daned those chicks last night" - Tyler Pearson
by A pop fuckin tarts H August 25, 2008
To be yelled at or scolded after one does not do as well as they should have.
Dane if you do not learn a move from bottom you are going to get Daned after every match.
by ltownwrestler February 21, 2012
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