Dane Cook is a joke. The most stupidest, unfunny "comedian" to ever walk the Earth. A moron who makes the lamest "jokes" ever heard in comedy. An unoriginal mainstream comedian that steals jokes from ORIGINAL underground comedians, but sadly cheeses these jokes up by changing them a bit, thus taking the funnyness out of them. A disgrace to the word comedian. He's about as funny as a toddler obsessing about fart.

Did I mention he's Catholic?.. Since when the fuck are comedians Religious????
Idiot Cook Fan: LOL! Dane Cook is da maed da funn ees !
Person with an IQ of 10: Do you own a gun?
by pseudonym-abody [Error 404] May 02, 2007
an annoying, one-trick act of a comedian who's popular sucsess still doesn't overshadow his bad comedy. taking cues from earlier greats like mitch hedburg and george carlin, he's not very funny.
Shut up man, you're being really Dane Cook.
by Dane Cook himself September 09, 2006
1. An over-the-top, lowgrade comedian that you would get if you mixed Ryan Reynolds and Jim Carrey, and then took out any charm or comedic talent they had and left only their more annoying attributes. He thinks the more he yells and throws his limbs around the funnier he will be, and I guess society has proven him right. He has a large following of what I can only imagine are pure idiots drunk of their asses looking for a good time and find that a raving lunatic is a GOOD TIME.
2.A way to insult someones comedic talents.
3.Source of the term "cooked" meaning something is very very unfunny.
1. Have you heard Dane Cook?! He wants to be a snake! THATS SO FUCKING FUNNY!
2. ::guy tells lame joke:: Yeah that was about as funny as Dane Cook.
3.Guy 1: How was that new comedy starring Andy Milonakis? Guy 2:Oh it was cooked.
Guy 1: Awww, I thought it was gonna be good.
by The Real Definition January 29, 2006
Dane Cook is the epitome of douchebaggery. A comedian who appeals to mass population of Christian Bros and douches who used to be fuck ups but now are born again Christians Bros. Almost all of his jokes are not funny at all except for Isolated Incident which was of course ghost written,because what appeals to more teenage white girls than fucking Robert Pattinson , yah you guessed it. What a fucking joke, since when are comedians good looking!
Dane Cook: I wanna name my kid megatron
Me: that's fucking hilarious
by BonBonsy July 15, 2009
Dane Cook is not remotely funny, yet his extreme body language appeals to a surprisingly large audience. He is obnoxious and unable to string together logical bits of humor. A man of Italian-Irish heritage, somehow Cook was selected to host Saturday Night Live (2005) and was given a Comedy Central Special (2000).
I can recall being in a room full of people rolling over laughing as Dane Cook pretended to be a spitting alien.
by Adam Foster December 04, 2005
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