1.a person who is tragically unfunny yet persistent in makeing crappy jokes even though nobody likes him.

2. a person who would rather spend his nights sucking off his dad than hanging out with friends

commonly reffered to as: choongy, dirty asian, fagmunch and tilby's best friend.
1. Sam: oi guys did u hear this one about
Max: shut the hell up, nobody likes you, your such a dane.

2. Toby: oi is Dave coming out tonight.
Rick: nah he's dane
Toby: wow hes messed up
by poopledong5 July 24, 2009
Alternative word for penis.
Ronald threw the paper towels at my dane! Hes lucky it wasnt hard, the towels I mean!
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
How an alcoholic with poor english says the word more commonly known as "damn".
Dane look what crap i come with when i posting here.
by Tech-Boards May 13, 2005
Citizens of the small, bigoted European country, Denmark. Denmarkians or Danes as they are sometimes mistakenly called, are racists that like poking fun at other cultures, especially cultures in the middle-east or Africa.
by Greg Denmark December 26, 2010
A term used to explain a male teenager who likes to think he's scene, when he's just kind of a poser. Usually a good boyfriend, but still really annoying. Like... REALLY ANNOYING. Like, you're going to kill him. His nose is also quite large. Oh, and he has acne.
Also see: Squid
"Yo man... did you see that kid who was following us around Hot Topic?"
"Ew... yeah. He's such a Dane."

Common Dane quotes:
"Oh hey dudes! Didya get the new As I Lay Dying CD? It's EPIC! That one song's kind of a fail though..."
"Oh, hey guys. I'm right down the street so uh... let's hang out!"

by rah_rah_sis_boom_bah May 02, 2009
1. Verb, For one male to grasp another in the genitals, especially the balls
2. To gropple (grab, caress) one's crotch

1. Dude, go Dane yourself
2. back off! are you trying to Dane me or some shit?
by Sancho Puzder May 27, 2008
verb: to grab the ballsack of another man, usually in a frisking position.
Damn that officer just Dane'd me.
by SneakyHudini April 29, 2009

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