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A "dance ticket" is a world wide term describing an amount of currency usually in the form of a bank note for the exchange of a lap dance.

The value/amount of a "dance ticket" is variable. It can vary depending on country, region, province, state, area, city, etc.

The service provided in exchange for a "dance ticket" is highly variable. It can vary based on the establishments style or quality as well as the dancer's quality of service, performance, mood, song that's playing, etc.

A common "dance ticket" in Canada would be the $20 bank note.
A common "dance ticket" in the USA could vary from a $20 bank note all the way down to the $1 note, depending on state/city.

It should be apparent that no matter where a person is on earth, a certain single bank note, one which is usually obtained easily from an ATM, can be used to get a lap dance, hence "dance ticket".
Example 1:

Club Dancer: "Hey sexy, how would you like to come to the back room with me for the next song, it's my jam"
Patron: "Sounds swell, I've got my dance ticket right here"

Example 2:
"Hey Dude, could you spot me a dance ticket till pay day, I need to get a pack of smokes"

Example 3:
"It's rainin' dance tickets!!"
by phlphll May 27, 2014
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