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In order to be a part you must sacrifice 2 lizards, not on the same day. (2 sundays in a row while wearing ALL white. You don't have to wear full outfits) And you have to eat 3 sour patch kidz every hour to maintain the respect for the Gouda, the leader of Danahkubalian. Every Wednesday night at 7:42(on the dot) you MUST eat a pizza roll while you sing Gouda Suitah, religious respectful songs to Gouda. Once you have read this, you must complete one of the three tasks or else... Gouda will pop out of your toilet!
I need to go eat a pizza roll and sing Gouda Suitah because that's what Danahkubalian geologists do.
by Lacey Sweetheart April 24, 2009
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