A glorious, heroic creature who waits patiently, sometimes letting out a low slow grumble, as he waits for his beautiful female counterpart Mamoose to come twinkle-footing through the forest to find him.
Damoose is well known for his large, well built Adonis like stature and his strong love and affection for his female mate. He can often be seen hunting and gathering for the perfect meal to feed to his Mamoose and Mimoose (offspring).

Damoosian creatures have huge hearts that are well protected by a very strong outer shell. They only allow their true loving nature to be seen by the one they believe truly deserves it- their Mamoose.
The glorious Damoose waited eagerly for the arrival of his beautiful Mamoose and swelled with love as he saw her spreading magic fairy dust in the distance.
by Mamoose June 22, 2011

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