Damo is an English vulgarism most commonly used in referring to the vulva, the vagina, and, more generally, the pubis, from the mons veneris to the perineum especially a hairless one
Logicpr0be: So I punched my wife square in the Damo!
by Dickson Poon June 17, 2008
Calling someone a Damos, is defining that indivual as a person who steals or uses peoples property disallowed too.
"You know that guy Daniel? He's such a Damos, he stole this guys viral video and just added himself to the end" "Yeah I know dude, that guy is a major class Damos"
by KnuckleDeep January 26, 2015
iuno, sum new kid
whos damo?
by damp March 28, 2003
the only person alive who owned 12m in cs in a 1v5 tourney
by admin January 06, 2003
damo is uber cool. he rocks my world..
hayley: 'damon you rock my world!'
stef: 'damon, you rock hayleys world!'
damon: 'most excellent!'
by Hayley June 22, 2004
Sexy butcher from Oldham
I hope that Damo will stuff my turkey this Christmas
by Dee December 14, 2003
Damo lives in North Wales, UK.

He likes Metal, especially Canibal Corpse.
Oh Damo like, you listening to Canibal Corpse like?
by Anonymous March 28, 2003

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