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Damayon is a name given to a unique person. Someone who is very sarcastic, but sometimes regrets what he says. Someone who tries to see the positives of life but also sees the dark. Has very heavy thoughts at night which causes him to lose sleep. One who trusts and forgives too easily. He looks for love but always seems to mess it up in the end. He can be surronded by so many people but feel so alone at the same time.
Damayon is so nice but he seems sad..
by Murcielago' August 22, 2012
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A very truthful person. This name is given to very unique people. Has a love for music and is extremely loyal to his girl. He can be very sarcastic at times but is always honest.
Damayon is as loyal as a wolf
by Drizzy jr. September 28, 2011

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