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The most beautiful and coolest girl ever to exist
Damara is the coolest girl i have ever met.
by CamRon(not the rapper) October 29, 2003
She is beautiful inside and out. She never tells a secret. You can trust her with anything. She makes the guys turn there heads because she is that beautiful. Damara has an amazing smile that you can see from a distance. Shes very athletic, is either in dance softball or volleyball. She has a very sweet heart , she is carrying and compassionate . She is also HILARIOUS. And can make you laugh any moment of the day, All of this makes her Damara.
I wish I were Damara. That would be great.
by Tanye74 October 12, 2011
Tomorrow. The next day.
I'll be going to the meeting damara, even though they could use a little spice.
by Eyespy February 07, 2003
She's the most pretty girl... JUST KIDDING She's a greasy slut who only wears sweatpants and uggs. What the hell is up with that. Hangs out only with her fat boyfriend with nipple piercings because everyone hates her. Lives in some shit saskatchewan town.
Guy 1: Why is that girl wearing sweats and uggs?
Guy 2: Thats Damara, she's a slut.
Guy 1: Oh right, her boyfriend has his nipples pierced.

Guy 1: Hey did you hear that (said boy) had a three some?
Guy 2: I thought he was dating Damara.
Guy 1: Yeah, they broke up for like a day.
by Choo Choo Mongo December 02, 2011
A crazy, ridiculous girl who is a pirate and lives for field hockey and track
Like OMG i want to be like Damara!
by bad1156 March 20, 2009
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